Committed to being an invaluable partner by making a difference for successful families and their legacies.

Taking a family perspective

Grayhawk is committed to growing the financial legacy of highly successful individuals and their families. Building intergenerational prosperity and wealth is founded upon a thorough understanding of each families’ values, goals and aspirations.

Extraordinary relationships matter

Shared trust is foundational in building strong relationships. We begin by creating dialogue and take the time to connect both professionally and personally.

Grayhawk is committed to making a difference by forging extraordinary relationships with openness and respect. Our purpose is to have a strong and enduring relationship with each family where we strive to interact with substance and act with humanity.

Endowment style portfolios

Our investment approach leverages the expertise and discipline gained from institutional investing to create a portfolio designed to capitalize on market appreciation while providing protection during market turmoil.

We believe our core philosophy of providing broad market exposure balanced against alternative sources of return not typically available to private investors generates an attractive long-term risk-adjusted return for our partner families.

As an independent investment firm, we are able to follow an unbiased, agnostic approach to sourcing opportunities that are in the best interests of our partners.

What does it mean to be an invaluable partner?

Being an invaluable partner sets a high standard for our interactions and dealings with each family. Partners act with integrity and resolve in the face of the unexpected and have courage of their convictions.

Transforming the relationship from client to partner, Grayhawk seeks to align to each family’s aspirations.